Team Work

CatHacks Hackathon : As a team of four individuals, we worked together for 24 hours straight to get a project ready on the table. Out of the three people (other than me), I only one of them. Before we started working on the project, I built relations with other two. Talked to them, got to know them because at the end of the day, to make any team successful we had to comfortable with each other first. Henceforth, I did that, formed great bonds, and eventually we ended up second prize winners of the largest college-level hackathon in the state of Kentucky. 

VolHacks Hackathon : We went to this hackathon as a team of four individuals. Two of us were Computer Science Majors and two were Pre-Med Students. Because the project we attempted on building was something related to the medical field and was primarily designed to serve the needs of the students studying in Med School. It required a great deal of coordination, for students from such diverse majors, to come together and make the project work. But we did it ! And it made me learn a lot. Not only that, we also won the Best Project Presentation award. 

Web Design Intern – When I interned at Dishan InfoTech, all 5 interns were put into a group and assigned projects as a group. We had to design the website, build it with the help of wordpress and HTML, pitch the idea we came up with to the manager and the customer and then further make improvisations based on the feedback we received. All of this was to be done by a group of individuals, including me, who never met each other before. Still over the period of 10 weeks, we bonded well with each other, helped each other with various code-related issues and also put forth 4 website projects (in the given deadline of 2 weeks). 

Peer Tutor : I have been tutoring Calculus 1 & Calculus 2, at the University of Kentucky. The job requires peer tutors, like me, to work with other tutors and students as a group to solve problems. Leading a group of young individuals into learning something new and challenging is always a task, but I enjoy taking them forward and challenging myself along with them on a regular basis. A tutor can become the “Tutor of the Week” only once, and I got this honor in my very second week at the job itself. 

Organized “Surmayi Sanj” : Surmayi Sanj english means a “Music filled evening”. It was an event that had to cater 200+ individuals over the span of two days. The event was to showcase talents from classical singers and musicians from around the country (India). Being a director  and a part for the managing we had to make sure that we do have all the arrangements upto date and that there is nothing that lacks. As a team, we made that happen. We got through all the obstacles and made sure that the event did take place.


University of Kentucky International Student Ambassador (India) : Being an International Student Ambassador, has a lot of responsibilities. We are to reach out to potential students, conduct interviews for the scholarship grant; aid the college life transition for the incoming internationals to University of Kentucky, conduct activities for internationals to make them feel welcomed and at home.

Co-Founder, Web-Master, Director of Academic Affairs at Indian National Student Association (INSA) : The following is an organization started by me and a group fo my friends. It was a tedious job to get people interested, lead sides and get work done on time. But with support of everyone, we brought this entity into existence. Led a group of individuals, getting them interested and focused for the task in hand.

Director at the Interact Club –  Rotary, Rajkot (Greater) : About 25 volunteers were under me. Our motto was to provide good education and sports to the underprivileged. I managed those 25 and along with them taught classes regarding mathematics and english at government schools. 

Leadership Camp : Not only that, I have been a part of a “Leadership Camp” at my high school where we were taught about different leadership models. We were taught about “Steve Jobs Leadership Model”, “Virgin Leadership Model” and more. Where in lastly we drafted a model and ran our high school’s certain tasks based on that.

School Prefect : I have been a Prefect for a year and a School Captain for the span of 2 years, out of the 4 years of my high school. The council was responsible for conducting activities and maintaining decorum of the school.

Public Speaking

Model United Nations (Delegate of Somalia) : I have been part of the Model United Nation as a delegate of Somalia. The council I was a part of was the Human Rights Commission. We discussed about female rights in the Middle East. We had speeches, debates, formal/informal motions and much more where we had to interact with other individuals, who served as delegates of other nations. I had to put forth my points and win motions against other delegates in front of a crowd of at least 60 people. This also required me to research well and then take steps forward, because as delegates, though not true; we had to abide by international policies and lobby with our country’s allies only. I also received an honorable mention at the Model UN. 

Gujarat Student Parliament (Gujarat Chhatra Sansad) : It was an event that took place in the city if Vadodra, India. The event was covered by many media houses as well. It provided a platform for powerful politicians and activists of India, to put forth their ideas and views in front of the students. Individuals like Subramanian Swamy (his speech at Gujarat Chhatra Sansad) & Kumar Vishwas were the charms of the event. After the topic was discussed upon, there was a question session where in the audience could take part. I myself posted a question, for Subramanian Swamy. It was a nerve wrecking moment for me when he got to the question I posted. Me posting a question and  him answering me in front of such a large audience, was a unexplainable moment. But after this, I have never been nervous talking in front of any sort of crowd. I gained loads of confidence from this event. 

Co-Founder at the Indian National Student Association : As a co-founder, before we could get the organization started, we had to talk to a bunch of people. We had to get the word out about our new organization, market it to students and professors and much more. All this required a lot of conversing with unknown people. It was a great opportunity for me as in turn I was able to make so many new connections. I talked to people, got to network with so many individuals. It was a very efficient way of spreading the word out and making myself known amongst public. 

Model UN Certificate
Gujarat Student Parliament Certificate
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