Web Design at Dishan InfoTech
 (Summer 2018)

Employer : Dishan InfoTech (Rajkot, Gujarat, India)

 Responsibility : 

I was a part of a group that worked on building websites for customers with the help of WordPress , basic HTML and basic CSS. The customer brings in website projects and we build and maintain the websites for them. The team basically decides on a design as to what shall the website looks like. All of us present our views and the customer agrees or denies if the design suits their tastes or not. We make the changes if needed else the website building starts. The customer gave us the domain name and we brought the site into existence for them.
So thoughout the summer, this has been my job. First we had a week of training and then 8 weeks of the following work of designing and building websites.

Website : http://getdetail.in/

Research Involvement

Undergraduate Research Assistant (September 2018 - Present)

Employer – Computer Science Department, University of Kentucky.

Research Topic – To design a novel “topology control algorithm” for designing an energy-efficient yet robust DRN

Responsibility: To analyze the algorithm through

  • a real small-scale WSN testbed  
  • large-scale experiments on a Contiki Simulator.


Tutor - Computer Science (September 2018 - Present)

Employer – Tau Beta Pi, College of Engineering, University of Kentucky

Responsibility :

  • Work with students to help them better understand the basics of Computer Science and programming.
  • Utilize leadership and public speaking skills, and help understand the underlying concepts of the subject.
  • Tutor them different coding practices.

Website :  http://tbp.engineering.uky.edu/activities-2/364-2/

Peer Tutor - Calculus 1&2 (August 2017 - Present)

Employer : Transformative Learning, University of Kentucky 

Responsibility : 

  • Work with trained peer tutors to help students better understand the subject of Calculus.
  • Utilize teamwork and public speaking skills, to help them.
  • Group-Tutor them whenever needed, especially before the exams.

Website : https://www.uky.edu/thestudy/

Video : http://uknow.uky.edu/research/undergraduate/video-providing-place-students-help-other-students-uk

Academic Assistant (Summer 2016)

Employer : TGES School, Rajkot 

Responsibility : 

  • Teach AP level Calculus & Chemistry to high school students.
  • Create Calculus & Chemistry question papers for the students and test them.

Website : http://www.tges.org/

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