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Tej Patel

Tej Patel

Undergraduate Research Assistant at University of Kentucky

About me

My name is Tej Patel. I am currently a student at the University of Kentucky, pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

I am a strong believer of lifelong learning and think that there is always a way to better what is good. Even if it cannot make it the best, I make sure that I don’t give up unless I feel that there is a significant improvement. Such thought process and optimism is what drives my routine.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Cumulative GPA – 4.0
Expected Graduation – 2020

University of Kentucky – Transcript

(S.N.Kansagra High School)

Cumulative GPA – 4.0
Graduation – 2016


  • Building programs and working projects implementing the skills I learnt.
  • Solving riddles & various Rubik’s cubes.
  • Reading about unique individuals, places or events existing around me.
  • Following up on blogs regarding evolving cutting-edge technologies.
  • Adventure sports

The most recent Resume

Programming Languages I've worked with


Proficient Languages

– English

– Hindi

– Gujarati

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